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March 23, 2016

At YouthGroup this week. One young girl had injured her shoulder while swimming this week. A couple of the youth prayed for her for about 10 seconds. She was healed instantly! Absolutely no more pain. Praise Jesus.


March 11, 2016

On Friday night outreach, we met a lady and offered her prayed. She declined initially. Heather asked if she had lower back pain. She said that she did. We asked if she had any other pain. She had pain in her left shoulder and other parts of her body from a car accident. We asked if she would like prayer for healing. She accepted. We prayed for her for about 15 seconds and asked her what she was feeling. She said she felt the presence of God pouring down her head. We asked her if she liked what she was experiencing. She said she did. We asked if we could pray again. The presence and love of God increased as we prayed again and a few tears were rolling down her face. The pain was healed. Heather asked if she would knew Jesus and if she would like to recieve Him. She prayed and asked Jesus into her life.


February 2016

Caleb has been praying for the people at His work. One dramatic healing has been seeing tumors in a man's leg disappear.


February 2016

We are seeing God heal several people during the Friday night outreaches.

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