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Making Disciples

The Great Commission

is vital to the life of Crazy Love.

We partner with Jesus in His mission to make

disciples of all people groups. In this endeavor, we value

the sending and the going, baptizing, teaching, and equipping

disciples for the work of ministry.


In choosing to love and follow Jesus, we embrace the same mind that was

in Christ Jesus, who did not come to be served, but to serve. We put aside

selfish ambition and look to the needs and interests of others with love,

humility, patience, gentleness, kindness, and forgiveness.  


We enjoy being generous and faithful stewards of the resources

given to us by God. In our giving, we value relationship,

equity, moving towards sustainability,

and accountability.

Doing the

Gospel of the


We express the

Father’s heart  through doing the

gospel of the kingdom and sharing the good news

with those near and far. We follow Jesus’ example to do

what we see the Father doing, heal the sick, encourage the

hopeless, set the oppressed free, revive the lifeless, mend

the brokenhearted, and care for the poor.


We value doing justice and being a voice for those without one,

such as the widowed, orphaned, poor, and marginalized.

We align our hearts with God's for the oppressed,

destitute, and those in need of advocacy through

practical, tangible acts of

love and mercy.

Being a

Family Team

Created for connection,

we celebrate the gifts of welcome and

belonging that we give to each other. As a

community divinely fit together, we live united as a

family team, where each part is vital, every part does it’s

share, and every part enjoys the benefits of being a family.


We value living in healthy relationship with God and each

other and we choose to be a safe place for people to be

themselves in their God-given identities. As such,

we honor the various cultures, ethnicities, and

generations making up our church family

including recognizing women

in ministry.

Loving God and

Being Loved by Him

Jesus is the center

of Crazy Love Church. We value intimate

friendship with Him and delight in encountering

His love, hearing His voice, honoring the scriptures,

and being faithful in prayer.


We love Jesus above all else and demonstrate this

through a lifestyle of worship and obeying His commandments. In this, we recognize our dependance

on His grace, and that our fruitfulness and

faithfulness flows from knowing

that He loves us.

Enjoying God’s


We love and enjoy God’s

presence and allow the Holy Spirit to

freely move in our church family and various

gatherings. As Jesus pours out His presence, we

respond with worship that is inspired, intimate,

and expresses His worth.


We cultivate an environment where the gifts of the

Spirit are welcomed and practiced. We affirm

scripture’s role of the gifts to encourage, edify,

exhort and bring comfort, and we exercise

healthy protocol to operate

in the realm of love.

Crazy Love Vision

To love Jesus above all,

be loved by Him,

and love as He loves

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