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Rule of Life is an ancient practice of walking in the ways of Jesus established by Benedict of Nursia, maybe better known as St. Benedict around 500 AD. Benedict was significantly influenced by the writings of John Cassian (c.360 – 435). Most Christian communities in western Europe adopted it for the next 1,000 years or so. At Crazy Love, we cherish the recovery of the ancient paths that produce or lead to life and fruitfulness.


Rule of Life is not a list rules or laws. Sometime the practices of Rule of Life are called spiritual disciplines. We see them as gifts from God for us to enjoy and use for our benefit and transformation. Many times, living according to a good Rule of Life is not so much about adding additional activity to your life but about removing activities that are not life-giving and living in great simplicity.


An example is the Sabbath rest. Under the Mosaic law, Sabbath was required. It was Israel’s law, and a necessity to receive God’s blessing. Jesus often taught about the law. However he taught with authority and often explain God’s original intention with regards to specific laws. When Jesus taught about Sabbath, he said, “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath” and “The Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath.” Sabbath rest is a gift to humans to allow them rest and recover, amongst other reasons.


The value of a good Rule of Life is that it provides intentional rhythms that lead to transformation. A good Rule of Life will help you develop your friendship with God and will help you express and sustain your love for God through valleys, dark nights, and the long distance.


According to John Mark Comer, a good Rule of Life will help you turn vision into reality. It will help you experience peace as you live in alignment with your deepest desires. It will help you live at the right pace, and it will help you balance freedom and discipline.

THE TRELLIS: (Ken Shigematsu)




1. Sabbath

2. Solitude

3. Prayer

4. Fasting

5. Scripture

6. Community

7. Generosity

8. Service

9. Witness

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