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Our highest priority is loving Jesus. He is searching for hearts that will love Him with the same love that He gives. We have a "yes" in our hearts to respond to Him with the same love. We understand that we love God because He first loved us. As such, we take time to encounter God's heart and allow Him to love on us and fill us with His love. From the great resource of His love, we aim to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and express God's love as Jesus loves.
The way that we express His love varies from week to week but often looks like extended times in worship, healing the sick, soaking in the Prayer House, meeting together to study the words of Jesus, ministry to children and adults alike, praying for God's kingdom to come or reaching out to serve our city or the nations near and far.



We make it our aim to know Jesus, adore Him, and honor Him in all things. We seek to gaze upon His beauty and to be changed by His glory. We are determined to worship as lovers of His presence, encounter His love, hear Him speak, uphold scripture, speak to Him, live by faith, make room for Him to move and dwell in our midst, share the good news of God’s kingdom and demonstrate God’s love to save people.
We are determined to revive the dead, heal the sick, free the captives, restore the broken, care for the poor, and equip the church. We have postured ourselves to receive the Kingdom of God through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and love seeing the ministry of Jesus flow through us to all peoples.

Here to be a Gateway of Hope

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