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Woman with Bible

1. Our Hearts

A. We would have a fresh hunger and passion for Jesus.

B. We would have a fresh desire to know God.

C. We would seek God’s kingdom first.

D. We would experience God’s love and learn to love Him well.

2. The Role of the Holy Spirit

A. We would be led by the Holy Spirit.

B. We would experience God’s presence every time we gather.

C. The gifts of the Holy Spirit would become regular and natural for us.

D. We would experience a fresh outpouring (rain) of the Holy Spirit.


3. Our Worship

A. Worship would be anointed, pure and full of praise, thanksgiving, and glory.


4. Discipleship

A. Discipleship would be exciting, flourish, and multiply.

B. We would be excited about reading, interpreting, and knowing Scripture.

C. God would dismantle and replace any faulty belief systems (lies).


5. The Family of God

A. We would stay in unity and grow as a family.

B. We would experience fresh grace to love each other well.

C. Our marriages would be strengthened.


6. Our Children and Youth

A. Our kids would know Jesus and His love.

B. Our kids would love Jesus and follow him all the days of their lives.

C. Our kids would pour out the kingdom of God in their schools.


7. Our Mission

A. We would be on mission with God in our workplaces and schools.

B. We would see where God is moving in our city and join Him there.

C. Outreach would be fun, fruitful, and people would come to know Jesus.

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