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Woman with Bible

Father, thank you for your goodness and the way you have been so kind toward me. Thank you for your comfort, provision, and protection. I cast my cares, anxieties, and worries upon you because you care. Give me a fresh passion for Jesus, desire to be connected to your heart, and a thirst for your presence. Forgive me for the times I have been distant and have fallen short of your call upon my life. I turn to you now and ask you to restore favor, authority, and my identity in you. Show me your glory and restore me to your likeness as I contemplate the love that you share with the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Jesus, you are the Light of the world. Let your light shine upon my heart. Bring healing to my fractured places and integrate my heart to be whole and united with your heart as I contemplate the oneness you have with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Give me grace to trust you in every area of my life. You give beauty for ashes. I give you my shame, my guilt, and my failures. I give you the wrongs and abuse that I have experienced from others. Help me to release them, forgive them, and bless them. Help me to forgive myself. Thank you for redemption and forgiveness that we have through the blood of your cross. I forgive those who have sinned against me, and I receive your forgiveness.


Holy Spirit, show me the Father’s heart and how much he loves me. Pour his love upon me and fill me. Search my heart to see if there is anything in my heart that hinders me from receiving the Father’s love or keeps me from loving God and other people. I desire to be more Christlike and walk in love. Remove every obstacle in my life that keeps me from receiving love and experiencing intimacy with Jesus. Transform my heart as I contemplate the intimate relationship you have with the Father and the Son.


Holy Trinity, create in me a pure heart, one that is whole and alive with your presence and love. I present myself to you and offer you everything that I am. I am yours. Unite my heart to your heart and fill me with joy, peace, lovingkindness, and righteousness as I worship you.


In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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