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Woman with Bible



You are good and you do good. You are worthy of my affection and deserving of my trust. You are high and lifted up. I bless your name.




Forgive me for falling short in my thoughts and my actions. I confess that I have missed the mark in following in your ways and obeying all your commandments.




Thank you for loving and forgiving me. Thank you for providing for my needs, caring for my heart, setting me free from addiction, delivering me from darkness, and protecting me from destruction and all evil.




I ask that you demonstrate your kindness toward me, my friends, and my family. We are thirsty- rain upon our hearts. We are hungry- give us the food of God’s will for our lives. WE surrender to your love. We want to live on every word that proceeds from your mouth. Speak to us and show us great and mighty things we do not know.

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